Saturday, October 3, 2009

13 Months and counting...

Welcome to my Blog!

I'm almost 14 months old and life is getting better all the time. Clara, Mom and Dad are always giving me something to laugh at, which I'm very good at...and so are they.

I'm quite the swimmer, they say, but I just like to put my face in the water and wiggle. Sometimes I make headway.

I use sign language and am starting to get words. I'm at about 10 words now, but about five of them sound the same to the untrained ear. It's actually very useful. 'Da' can mean 'dog,' 'Dad,' and 'Linda'. Context is everything, huh?

My favorite foods are fruit, cheese, meat and milk. But I'll eat Gnochi too.

Please come visit me here in Jaxon, WY before I'm all grown up.

Til next time!
Lucia Ann McGee

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